Tuesday, 6 May 2014

hybrid hotness | wedding greeting card

 photo ITM_congratswedding_5.jpg

My sister has a friend who is getting married and she asked me if I could help her out with a greeting card to go with the gift.

I decided to go hybrid and use the beautiful papers from the Simply Adore You kit by Gennifer Bursett and Jennifer Labre.

 photo ITM_congratswedding_4.jpg

I printed on Epson Matte Presentation Paper, as usual and cut the pieces with an exacto knife. I added a doily, a ribbon, and two glittery hearts from a local craft store.

I think doing hybrid cards is a perfect solution! You have 100% control of the patterns and colours that go on the card, and you don't have to rely on what you can find in a brick and mortar shop. And if you have a cutting machine like Silhouette then I'd say there are practically no limits to what you can do!

I feel this card came out both sweet and modern at the same time! I hope it will be appreciated by the newlyweds!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

birthday boxes

We wanted to do something really pretty for our mum's birthday presents and for some reason I was put in charge of that (haha).

I got some nice and sturdy boxes from our local craft shop and covered them with beautiful paper from Carina Gardner's Bella Bella Kit from a few years back. Yeah, I've had it for years but never wanted to use the papers because, you know, they were so pretty. But for this project they were perfect.

 photo DSC_0634_web.jpg

 photo DSC_0628_web.jpg

 photo DSC_0630_web.jpg

I also used the paper to make a card that matched. I cut long strips that I put diagonally across the front of the card. I love the way that looks and feels, with the many layers.

 photo DSC_0629_web.jpg

I tried writing the greeting inside, but after an hour it looked crooked and sloppy and the ink had bled horribly. So I decided to scratch that and just go ahead and print it. I love the big text covering the full page.

 photo DSC_0633_web.jpg

I took me quite a few hours last week to get this finished. The covering of the boxes was tricky business. But I think it was all worth it.

 photo DSC_0626_web.jpg

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

crayfish party

We had a small crayfish party the other week, a sort of late birthday celebration with parts of my family, and it was a truly magnificent night. The food was great (when is seafood not), and we had lots of fun. It was a great, long night that I didn't want to end.

We weren't sure about the weather, but still wanted to sit outside, so we transformed our carport into a party venue by setting a nice table, stringing lights and putting up lamps, and using a tarp as a tent wall of sorts. The string lights and tarp doesn't show in the photos here, but they went around the two free sides of the carport. We made it through dinner and a few games in the garden before the rain and thunder came, but after that it was lovely to sit under a roof and cuddle up with blankets and candles during the rest of the night.

 photo DSC_0520_web.jpg

A plastic table cloth was a must. With crayfish as the main part of dinner, white linens wouldn't exactly cut it. Similarly, plenty of paper napkins make for an integral part. But other than that, I don't see why real white china and glassware can't be used. Eating off paper and plastic doesn't really rock my boat. Heck, we even moved our dining room furniture out there!

 photo DSC_0521_web.jpg

I put a small bowl with water and lemon wedges at each setting. I think that it's quite nice to dip the fingers in fresh smelling water before wiping the hands on the napkins. Granted, one still needs to vigorously wash the hands after, but during dinner I like for my glasses and cutlery to not be all messy with crayfish guts.

Each setting also had a custom little welcoming card. I made those with digital scrapbook products by Gennifer Bursett (Anchor Kit) and Ardent Sparrow (Susie Overlays).

 photo DSC_0515_web.jpg

I designed ten different 10x15 cm cards (because there were ten of us) in Photoshop CS6 with papers and elements from Gennifer's kit and printed them on 12x12 white cardstock. I was able to fit four cards on one single sheet. So two sheets held eight cards. The remaining two, and all the banners, fit on a third sheet. I cut them out, used a corner rounder on the cards, and added the banners with foam dots. It was a simple and quick project that still gave a personal and cute touch to the table.

I think Gennifer's kit worked perfectly with the seafood theme of the party.

 photo DSC_0511c_web.jpg

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

shabby chic 40th birthday invitation

A friend of mine is turning 40 next month and she asked me to create the invitations to her birthday party. She was very specific about two things; she wanted pink, and she wanted shabby chic.

 photo ITM-40Birthday-Invitation_I.jpg
 photo ITM-40Birthday-Invitation_II.jpg

With an all script font, a rose pattern background, and some pink dotted flags to set it off, I think it met her description pretty well. To finish it off, I added an intricate doily and a satin ribbon for the guests to slip off and reveal the card. I backed the card with a pink paper in the same texture as the front so the card was really thick and lovely. The card was sent in a pink envelope, of course.

And yes, my birthday is at the very beginning of August. And yes, my name is Linda. But no, I don't turn 40 this year. I really do have a friend with the same name as mine, and with a birthday very close to mine. She is just a year older! LOL!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

hybrid | using project life products for greeting cards

 photo DSC_0225b_web.jpg

In this installment of my unofficial series about using Project Life products for other things than Project Life layouts I want to share how you can use journaling cards as greetings.
If you want more inspiration for how you can use Project Life products and journaling cards for other purposes than Project Life then read my previous posts:
Using journaling cards with inspirational sayings
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Pressed for time? No interest in whipping out your paper stash and go to town with glues and glitters? Want a streamlined process for getting your greetings out there? Well, then this might be just for you!

I created an Easter card to send to family and friends with the help of Project Life supplies. It was quick and easy, and I had them designed, printed, and adressed in less than an hour. Now that's the type of crafting that works perfectly for someone like me, who doesn't have tons of free time to spend on crafts.

What I did was follow these simple steps:
1. Open a journaling card of your choice in Photoshop - I chose one of the title cards of the absolutely stunning digital Becky Higgins Kraft Kit by Tiffani Smith.
2. Add text to the card - I chose to place the greeting splash over the pattern and a small little fun fact about eggs at the bottom. If you wanted to you could certainly add a small photo to the design.
3. Design finished.
4. Drag the finished card to a new document the size of the paper you will be printing on. In my case that was a 12x12 sheet of cardstock. I was able to fit four cards on there. If you are printing a different size, do you best to fit as many as possible so that you don't have to print as many sheets of paper.
5. Print.
6. Cut.
7. Optional - attach card to a slightly bigger backing piece of cardstock. I chose to do this as I had run out of the extra heavyweight cardstock and though the card was a bit on the flimsy side.
8. Write a personalized message on the back.
9. Card finished.

 photo DSC_0226b_web.jpg

 photo DSC_0227b_web.jpg

With the wealth of journaling cards available in every digital scrapbooking store right now, your options are virtually endless. It would be a lot of fun, I think, to choose different designs for each recipient. I didn't have the time or energy to do that this time, but with all the fun cards of the Kraft Kit, I certainly did contemplate it.

Check back tomorrow for some tips on how to decorate your home for Easter in a matter of minutes - this time completely unrelated to anything Project Life or digital. I'm going analogue, baby!

Monday, 19 November 2012

laying it out | digi holiday card

Friends, I want to share with you a digital card I created with some super pretty new brushes by Nancie Rowe-Janitz that are released today at JessicaSprague.com. I will likely use it as a back up for friends who wont get a Christmas card.

(Supplies: Holiday Magic Photo Masks by Nancie Rowe-Janitz)

The photo was taken by moi last New Years Eve when I was confined to the house due to a nasty stomach bug and had to ring in the new year by myself. During the small bursts of energy I set up a small photo set and shot a few photos. The bottle stayed unopened, though. Let's hope that this year won't end the same was as last year.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

card making | wedding gift

I know it's been really quiet around these parts for a while. I have been working really hard to finish all the stuff for the wedding this weekend. It's over (took place yesterday) and it went really well, but I am wiped and need rest. But in the meantime I thought I could share the card and gift that we gave the beautiful couple.

I made a large card with a bit of a retro design based on an ad I saw on Pinterest a while ago. It's actually one full 12x12 paper folded in half. Pretty cool with big cards, I think.

I used digi papers from Hometown Proud by Design by Dani and Country Lane by Pink Paislee for this card.

We decided to give the couple some good wine to enjoy at specific dates; a Brunello for the one monthiversary, a Portuguese wine for the six monthiversary and a champagne for the first anniversary. I arranged the bottles in a wooden box that the husband was able to charm his way into at the wine shop with two red wine glasses (they will have to use their own champagne glasses in a year). The box originally contained wine from the Priorat district in Spain, but I don't think that really matters as it is pretty.

I also created tags that matched the card for each bottle that stated the date when the wine is to be enjoyed.

The husband and I both commented that we were jealous of the gift, LOL. And I can't even drink red wine!

Hopefully I will be able to share some pictures from the wedding in the coming week.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

diaper cake + monkey card

A co-worker of mine recently had a little baby boy and I was put in charge of getting some gifts for her and the boy. Along with some cute clothes and shoes I took the opportunity to make another diaper cake. I made one for my little nephew when he was born a year and a half ago and really loved the result.

The best thing of it all, apart from it being really pretty, is that it's 100% usable. This is a really useful gift for new parents. The diapers will obviously be a welcome item, and the blankets are soft and practical. Also, there is a nice treat for mum and dad in the middle as well in the shape of a bottle of bubbly!

The cake is super easy to make! Here is a quick rundown for those who are interested:

1. Get a round tray of any kind. I chose metal because I like the sophisticated touch it gives.
2. Put a bottle of drink of your choice in the middle of the tray. I chose bubbly because I know the new mother shares my love for the stuff.
3. Roll small diapers tightly and wrap a small rubber band around each diaper. I chose Pampers New Baby #2 (for 3-6 kg) as I figured those would be more useful for a longer period of time than the newborn tiny tiny ones. Also, they are great becuase they aren't covered in lots of ugly prints.
4. Stack the diapers, standing up, around the bottle. Once you have one row, wrap the whole first row with a rubber band.
5. Continue stacking and wrapping with rubber bands. For the bottom layer I did three rows.That gave me a bit space to the edge of the tray.
6. When it's time for the second layer just put the diapers on top of the first layer. I wrapped the bottle with a few unrolled diapers before I started stacking. This meant that I could get away with only one row. So that makes one row and a bit for the second layer. Repeat the steps you just did for the first layer; stacking and wrapping with rubber bands.
7. For the top layer don't wrap the bottle neck with unrolled diapers. You want the top layer to be smaller than the second one. You know the drill by now; stacking and wrapping.
8. Now it's time for the pretty stuff. Wrap each layer with folded baby blankets. Wrap the blanket with a rubber band to keep the blanket in place. Don't worry, it won't show!
9. Get some pretty ribbon and tie it around each layer right where the rubber band is.
10. As a last step crown the cake with a topper of your choice. And hey presto, you're done!

My supplies:
Tray - Groggy from IKEA
Bottle - Champagne
Diapers - Pampers New Baby #2 (I used 1,5 packs of 62 diapers)
Rubber bands - Generic pack of varied sizes from the supermarket's office supply department
Blankets - Torva from IKEA
Ribbon - White and red ribbon from my stash
Toy - Torva from IKEA

I also made a cute card to go with the presents in the shape of a monkey face!

The card opened like a book and held a greeting and all the contributors' names.
I used the Hometown Proud Paper Pack by Design by Dani for the elements of the monkey's face.

I think it came together really well.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

homemade wedding

A week and a half ago my beautiful sister and her handsome fiance had an amazing wedding on a gorgeous sunny day.

The reception for the couple's parents and siblings was held in our garden and it was a homemade affair from start to finish. My obsession of making things pretty coupled with the fact that I would do anything for my family meant that I was able to talk them into letting me make the invitations, the table setting, the buffet decorations, the guest book set up, a photo booth of sorts, and baking for the dessert buffet. I also took photographs. Go right ahead and call me crazy! LOL!

I would love to share with you some shots of the details that I made.

So the idea was to do a kind of modern whimsy in kraft, red and black & white, and with stripes and roses in the center of the whole theme.

The invitations were printed on kraft in keeping with the theme. A mistake on my part in the printing process meant that I had to improvise and do a raised strip for the text. It ended up being a unique feature.

For the welcome toast I did hand texted his and hers tags for the champagne flutes.

The guests' glasses were either decorated with paper flags or dipped in chalkboard paint and decorated with the couple's names and love words.

The tables were covered with tan linen, the middle part of the table where the bride and groom were seated, was a beautiful embroidered table cloth. This was matched with all white china, and black and white striped napkins (which the bride and I made). In the ceiling of the pavillion we strung twinkle lights and solar panel lanterns.

Instead of using real flowers I made crepe paper roses that were put in heart shaped boxes all along the table. Those babies were so very pretty but with eight boxes and six roses in each I worked for a month to get those finished and was pretty fed up at the end.

The bride and groom wanted a relaxed feel to the reception and opted to not have a seating plan. Still, I made hand texted banners for the two of them to make sure seats were saved right in the middle of the table where the bride's bouquet was also placed.

The Italian style buffet was placed inside the pavillion and decorated with black and white striped linen, tiny bunting in kraft, red and black & white, and a kraft paper pinwheel flower.

The couple asked for a non traditional cake and we opted for the most delicious chocolate and hazelnut cake with vanilla cream and strawberries. The cake was decorated with mini bunting.

To accompany the cake I also baked Pina Colada cookies, Baci (Italian almond kisses), heartshaped mini meringues, and then also dipped strawberries and marshmallows in chocolate.

Instead of a traditional guest book we set up a small station on the gift table where the guests could write a message on small tags in kraft bags. The messages will be placed in the wedding album once I finish it. To guide the guests through the process I made a sign that matched the invitations and added one of the paper roses as decoration.

To add some more fun we decided to do a photo booth where the guests could let loose and goof out. This was a huge hit and we had so many laughs. The station was set up on our deck right next to the pavillion with a golden picture frame, some fun props, and another sign to guide the guests through.

Here is a shot of the husband and I just to show you some of the silly antics everyone was up to.

If you want to take a look at the beautiful couple, you can do so here.

Be well everyone!