Friday, 28 September 2012

corporate design | royal underwear

I was asked to design a flyer for a lingerie shop that is opening today in a shopping center in my city. They wanted a sophisticated and classic feel with a fun and modern touch.

I present you with the finished product:

I like the elegant combination of blue and grey, and I like the retro modern style with a variation of typefaces.

If you are local, do stop by Royal Underwear and take an advantage of their opening offer!

Friday, 8 October 2010

Shop news

I have added a commercial license option to  my products in my shop at
I was getting quite a few requests for this and was finally able to work the details out with our dear site admin Laurie. She takes such good care of us, I tell you!

I have been forthcoming and added a link to my Terms of Use to every product page should anyone want to read it before purchasing the commercial license.  Please do note that the commercial use does not apply to digital scrapbook designers who want to find designs to use and sell as their own!

In other news I was hit by another major cold so I might be out of comission for a few days or so. Take care of yourselves people.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

The Housewives Collection

My neighbour Madeleine recently started a business selling jewellery and other accessories and asked me to help her create a logo.

The products she is selling are beautiful and she wanted the logo to have the same feel. She wanted something sophisticated and sexy but with an edge and a bit on femininity thrown in the mix. She also wanted a clear nod to Desperate Housewives.

We quickly came up with the basic design and then it was a breeze from there, working on the details. We used black and white as the main colours to set the tone - edgy and sexy, the script font represents the feminine side, the red apple is the only splash of colour, and the shape of the outline is almost like a tag on a bottle of preserves, which is a hint at the housewives name, but without being oldfashioned.


Monday, 18 February 2008

Recreate logo

My first commercial creative work was made for a non profit organisation concentrating on providing donated art supplies to schools and families. The challenge was to create a logo that mirrored the environmental aspect of the endeavour as well as conveying a young and trendy artistic feel. I created a few suggestions and Donna, the the woman behind this initiative, chose one of them. I cannot tell you how proud I am of this. I am so immensly proud that something I created will be associated with such an important and good cause. And I am so proud that my suggestion was chosen.

The logo

The recreate website.