Sunday, 5 December 2010

Winter cleaning at the blog

I grew tired of the blue a little while ago and have thought about changing up the blog for a while now. So while I'm testing some things out and updating as I go, please have some patience with me. Thanks a bunch!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Happy Digital Scrapbooking Day!

Happy Digital Scrapbooking Day! I hope you get a few minutes to spend creating if you are into digi scrap!

Myself, I've spent the major part of last nigth and today working on a project that is a little different than what I've released before over at My hope is that I can have it finished very soon. I'm very excited about this project!

If you don't have any set plans for you DSD, head on over to and download the *free* Photoshop Friday episode that Jessica released yesterday and also take the Spraground challenge in the forum. But don't wait, it's only free this weekend.

Happy scrapping!

Friday, 22 October 2010

The state of the Making

What's going on at In the Making nowadays?
I'm currently working on autumn themed birthday party invitations and a christmas themed digi scrap kit. In addition to that I have a bunch of work related photos to edit. So I'm keeping busy! I sometimes wish there were more hours in the day because there are so many things I want to do. :)

I will be able to share the invites within a couple of days and I hope to be able to release the kit in the shop really soon.

In the meantime I am wishing all of you a lovely weekend!


Monday, 15 March 2010

Sappy Love Songs word art

So, want to see what the sneaky sneak was really about? I think I gave it away a bit with the "word art" on the end, and that it was about love, but I tried to not give away too much, lol.

This set contains 8 individual .pngs and a brush set.
I had a moment of inspiration a few weeks back when we watched Live Aid on DVD and REO Speedwagon came on. It's such a cheesy song, and their clothes and hair had us in stitches. But somehow it had me singing that damn song for days after. But an idea was born. So I'm down with it!

Sappy Love Songs
 Click on the image to go the product page in my shop.

Can you guess the songs and the artists behind them? Other than REO, of course, as I already gave that away! I think maybe only one might be a little tricky ...

  1. In other news I stil haven't finished that last painting.
  2. My neighbour asked me to help her out with a logo for her new business. I have a concept ready and just need to polish it up for her.
  3. My co worker asked me to help out with a birthday project for her husband which includes cars and a 50s style band.
  4. I am working on a mini Easter project. It's hit and miss at the moment but we'll se how it comes out.
  5. Oh, and I need to get a bunch of digi scrap ideas finished. I have about 10 different things started right now so I am feeling just a tad bit schizofrenic, lol.
Also, I need to upload last week's photos. I'll be back with that tomorrow hopefully.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Sneaking in ...

Thinking it's unusally quiet around here at the moment? Yeah, I noticed it too! I guess the newness of designing not only for myself anymore brings added pressure to make things perfect (as that is even a possible option) and to make things that people would actually want to use, let alone pay for. Pressure that I am not used to and was not really prepared for. So this means I spend all nigh every night working on designs. I am not complaining mind you. I am in love with creating!

I will have a new product up in the shop on Monday. Give me a day or two and I'll bring you a little teaser. Hee!

Happy hump day everyone!

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Project 52 in advent

So this is the 48th installment of Project 52. There are only four more photos to take this year. Wow. It feels like the year has gone by so fast, but when I look in my project folder I realize so much has happened this year. This is, in my mind, the best thing about photography; so many memories that are preserved.

#48, 2009
It's the first Sunday in Advent today and we had the first candle lit while we had breakfast this morning.

And here's the whole thing

This week I have been working hard on a really fun project. I came out lovely and as soon as it is possible I will share it here with you. It is top secret right now but I am so excited about sharing!

And then today I started working on my Christmas cards. I know, in the nick of time, right? Well, I got six of them under my belt today and I think I will be able to finish in a couple of days. I usually do different designs for each card but this year I decided to be kind on myself and do the same design on all of them. Such a good decision too. I just had to let go of that Type A personality need to always do too much and too perfect. :p Anyway, I got a stack of Christmas papers from My Minds Eye designed by Jen Wilson and they are gorgeous. So that makes everything much easier and pleasant. As soon as they are finished and sent off I will post them here.

Other than that, I have enjoyed the weekend thoroughly with my husband, shopping for our first Christmas present this year, decorating the house, eating good food and drinking good wine, watching mob films on the DVD, and cheering on our teams in the Italian and Spanish football leagues. I hope everyone has had an equally good weekend. Much love.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The state of the making

The appointment today regarding the graduation party invite I have been asked to do went very well. I was given two pointers beforehand; music and black/white. So I had two mock ups with me to show as jumping off points and one of them ended up being the final choice. I love it when that happens. It means I have found found the right expression and the feel of the person. It also means less work, lol. I can't show it just yet because I know there are people reading this blog that are on the recipients list. But I will come back to it next week, that's a promise.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to kick start the work of a travel photo book. This will be a longer and more labour intensive process but I am so much looking forward to it.

And, the husband and I have thought about starting a blog together. A cooking blog. See, he's a chef and cooks lovely and delicious food. The idea is for him to present different recipes and ideas about food, and for me to showcase him by photographing it. We have done a few test runs to see if we can work together and to find out what we need to think about for it to turn out well. So far so good I think so we might just give it a go. So I'll be leaving you today with a photo from one of those test runs.

Have a good week y'all!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Project 52, week 14 and more

What a truly lovely weekend! The weather has been fantastic and we've had a wonderful time together all weekend. I took a bunch of photos yesterday while out and about. This week's shot for project 52 was taken yesterday.

#14, 2009
I've seen this sea of blue flowers all week on my way to work. Yesterday I made Johan go out of our way so that I could photograph it. I absolutely loooove spring!

Here are two other photos from yesterday that I really like, for obvious reasons.
My bebe

Chocolate and banana milkshake

The man also took a photo of me. It needed some editing; a crop and a PW action (Seventies) set at 50%. I don't hate it.

In other news I am waiting on the papers for that wedding invite I briefly mentioned a while back to arrive. I am itching to get started, it involves a lot of cutting and folding, so let's hope they get here soon. I will share once I have one finished.

Also, I have started working on the book for our Milan trip. Unfortunately I have run into writer's block the scrapper's edition and have only finished the cover and the very first spread. But I'll keep staring at the blank 24x12 page in PS and hope something pops up behind that scull bone of mine.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

A sweet little project 52 and a sign of spring

This week's photo for Project 52 is a sweet little thing. My good boy Buster with his velvet ears and puppy eyes that are impossible to resist. I don't see him nearly enough to fill the ear- and belly rub need I have, lol.

#13, 2009

And another thing that happened this week was that my mum came over with a sure sign of spring, flowers. They look a little sad because I think I waited a little too long before I planted them but I can report that they are picking up nicely.

You bunch of pansies! (A shout out to anyone who gets the film reference)

I hope you all have had a good weekend? I spent a good deal of it redoing our office to better suit my needs for storage and order. I might be sharing a few photos a little later.

Now, off to work on some wedding invites.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Where has she gone?

Yeah, I've been neglecting this little place all week. I'm sorry guys! Between work and the usual migraines time has simply run away from me somehow.

I have been working hard on the pictures from our trip as well as a, for now, secret project. This far I am really happy with what I'm seeing as far as the photos go. I love how dramatic this one is.

Oh, and I got some potentially good news the other day, and I hope I can share it here really soon. Stay tuned!

have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Layout dump

Gosh, I have lots of layouts to post. I have been pretty productive lately if I may say so myself. I know, I'm not used to it either, so if you need to sit down for a while I completely understand. :)

Smooth Saver
Paper: WebPapers102107-3 and WebPapers102107-1 by Katie Pertiet, FairyDreamer-8 by Katie Pertiet, Freshly WornNo3-4 by Katie Pertiet, Bohemiangarden-stripes by Mindy Terasawa
Elements: MessyStitches_Brown by Katie Pertiet, StichPinzRndTag by Katie Pertiet, SnapFrameEdgers-1 by Katie Pertiet, StaplePair by Katie Pertiet
Fonts: CK Ali’s Writing, Century Gothic, Hibiscus)

May love surround you
Papers: AdChallenge4-20_pinstripe, AdChallenge4-20_argyle, EverydayInspiration_11808_circ, EverydayInspiration_11808_fleur by Jesse Edwards, FairyDreamer-8 by Katie Pertiet (recoloured)
Elements: ScrapPinkNoteStrip by Katie Pertiet, Romantics:Brush5_loveyou by MaryAnn Wise, Love_Surround_You Brush by MaryAnn Wise (chopped up), Web112507-tag by Katie Pertiet
Font: Century Gothic)

Papers: Groovyboy-blue, Groovyboy-brown, Groovyboy-Stripes by Mindy Terasawa
Elements: WebChallenge18May_Plume3 by Anna Aspnes, InteractiveLoveCircles-15 by Art Warehouse, Together_You wordart by Katie Pertiet, StaplePair by Katie Pertiet
Font: Century Gothic)

Paper: FreshBotanicalsNo2-7 by Katie Pertiet
Fonts: A Bite, Destruction, Century Gothic)

Key to happiness
Papers: Bohemiangarden-stripes by Mindy Terasawa, BotanistNo7-2 by Katie Pertiet (recoloured), SweetestThingSolids4 by Jesse EdwardsElements: WorthRepeating-numbers by Katie Pertiet, Groovyboy-thickstitch-3 by Mindy TerasawaFonts: 28 Days Later, Avain, Century Gothic)

I need to post my photo for Project 52, week 8 as well. So I will come back with that. Man, I've been slacking, haven't I? Well not really, I have done a lot of other things as well. I am hoping I will be able to post at least one of them before the week is over.

See ya soon!

Sunday, 28 September 2008

And we're back with greeting cards

I have been having huge problems connecting to internet lately. A friend suggested ditching IE entirely and go to Firefox. Unfortunately I am still having issues but I hope I can upload a couple of pics of some cards I've made recently.

This was a quick one that I did as a thank you to my sister for helping me out of a situation. Not exactly perfectly executed, but as my dear husband would say, it's more charming when it looks home made. LMAO!



These four were made just because. I thought it would be good to have some cards ready should the need for one occur one day.











The big project of the New Years Eve birthday party invites I had looming is finished. I spent seven hours today printing, hand cutting, folding, and assembling. They will be delivered tomorrow. They turned out pretty terrific I think. I will be back with photos of that tomorrow.

Monday, 4 February 2008

My dark side

Oh yeah. I have one too. I am usually a high spirited and positive person but there is something in my life that is dark and difficult and painful. I made a layout about it.
(Credits:Paper: Navy copy by Heather Ann Meltzer
Elements: Distressed diva distressed edge by Trish Jones, ShabbyBorders1_shabbylines by Shabby Princess
Font: Susie's Hand
Photo: Linda Roos)

After living with it for ten years now you would think that I should have learned to live with suffering from severe migraine attacks. Granted I have learned not to let it scare me anymore but it is still difficult to get through the days that consist of double vision, throwing up, and wanting someone to cut off my head because it just hurts too damn much.

In other news I am working on
1. A card for a little baby boy's christening that needs to be finished this week.
2. A logo for a friend's new endeavour.
3. An invitation for a 60th birthday party that doesn't have to be finished in ages yet but the birthday boy wanted some suggestions.
4. Trying to find time to do some digi scrap challenges. Good luck to myself with that, lol.