Tuesday, 21 January 2014

photography | wall art thoughts

We have a wall of photographs in our house that is supposed to be changed up every now and then. The thing is, it has been changed once since we moved in. Once. That's since October 2006. Clearly not what we had in mind. Granted, many of the photos on the wall are perfectly lovely. Others went on there temporarily because the frames had to be filled. Then that temporarily turned into forever. What can I say, time flies.

(Sorry for the crappy picture, I took it yesterday with my phone when there was far too little light in the house - damned winter)
 photo ITM_Photo-2014-01-20-14-57-59.jpg

But lately I've been thinking that I want to take them all down and put up one big photo instead. I like the idea of one huge oversized photo with a fat passepartout in a nice simple silvery frame, covering a large part of that wall. Kind of like this.

I have been looking for a while for a suitable photo in our EHDs and surprisingly it seems more difficult than could be expected after years and years of clicking that camera button. But maybe, just maybe this one of a street in Rome could be a contender? Feedback is very much welcome!

 photo ITM_DSC_0018c.jpg

Friday, 1 November 2013

home edition | graphic guestroom

So I've been wanting for a while to change things up a little in our guestroom/husband's whisky room (the fact that he's drunk most of it hasn't changed our name for the room). When we moved the big red rug to his "mancave" it got very bare and the need was apparent.

So before the room was very red:
(Please ignore the numbers, the pics were from this post)

I really wanted to go with a graphic pattern to bring life to the room, and when the husband nixed turquoise/mint/teal colour scheme we decided to go with black and white. We really didn't do much; I bought a few new cushion covers, a blanket, and a rug which made up 90% of the change. It just needed two not so minor details to finish it off. I love these two details! The absolutely gorgeous print by Gennifer Bursett that I had printed and then framed, and the hat lamp that we created ourseslves by making holes in hats and putting light fixtures in them. I think it's so fun and quirky. We didn't have any smaller light bulbs at home, but those will be changed ASAP.

So after the room is very graphic and a little more up to date:
 photo itm_room3.jpg

 photo itm_room2.jpg

 photo itm_room4.jpg

 photo itm_room5.jpg

 photo itm_room1.jpg

I think the blond wood and the tan sofa seems to look better with the black and white colour scheme than with the red as I think it was just too much warmth in that small room. It feels cleaner, roomier and airier now. I am very happy!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

easter dinner

 photo DSC_0015_web.jpg

I thought I'd share, as I always do, what our table looked like for our Easter dinner. There were only six of us, and after a late decision to host the dinner coupled with two very busy weeks leading up to Saturday, I decided to not go overboard.

I decided to use the eggs I decorated the other week coupled with two simple vases with white and yellow tulips as centerpieces. White candles on pillar glass holders were put on the end to add some dynamic. They were never lit because we had dinner way before it got dark. But that didn't matter, just the mere precesence of them on the table added to the presentation.

 photo DSC_0009_web.jpg

 photo DSC_0007_web.jpg

The cotton table cloth is white with black tiny dots, and I chose to use the striped napkins that I still have from my sister's wedding last summer. I love being able to use and reuse supplies time and time again.

I got a few more preblown eggs and used them as seating "cards" by writing the initial of each person with a pen, which just happened to match the eggs in the centerpiece. Smart way to make it easy on myself and go with an already established theme.

 photo DSC_0004_web.jpg

I had four glass mini cake stands from a previous event and used them to nest the eggs in. The hay was found in old Christmas baskets that we have recieved in the past couple of years. Again, reusing all kinds of things for different purposes is the way to go if you want to be able to set a nice table on a budget. Of course, this does mean a bit of hoarding I admit. But if you are organized in your hoarding (which is an entirely different post all together) it can be without living in a castle.

It didn't matter all too much to me that I didn't have a glass stand for each person. I simply used two egg cups for the middle seats. This is something that I want to stress. Everything doesn't have to be exactly the same on a table! What matters, at least in my opinion, is that there is symmetry. So in this case, the four outer seats had the glass stands, and the two middle seats had the egg cups. Worked well enough for me. Work with what you have, I say.

 photo DSC_0011_web.jpg

So, apart from the eggs and the flowers, everything on the table was already in my house. Pretty chuffed with that.

So food, you say? Did we have any? Yes indeed. It looked like this:
Starter was two Smörrebröd with pickled hering (eaten at every single holiday in Sweden) and smoked salmon and roe. Courtesy of the husband.
 photo DSC_0023_web.jpg

Main was lemon and oregano rooster and caramelized crushed potatoes with spinach.The herb yoghurt that was also served with this dish is not shown. Also courtesy of the husband.
 photo DSC_0027_web2.jpg

Dessert was Key Lime Pie, courtesy of moi.
 photo DSC_0029_web.jpg

And that was it. How was your Easter? Did you have a gathering of some sort?

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

crafting | modern style easter eggs

 photo DSC_0233b_web2.jpg

If you're looking for some last minute quick and easy tips on how to make some fun decorating crafts for Easter, then this is the post for you.

I wanted to do some nice decorating for Easter and settled on egg decorating. Now, you know me, I'm not the frilly frou frou kind of person. Multi coloured was not going to be for me. I saw a couple of more modern versions of decorated eggs and decided to give it a try to paint patterns with sharpie pens.

 photo DSC_0242b_web.jpg

Now, if you are fussy about details and want a perfect job, but you don't have a super steady hand, then this isn't a job for you. I found it difficult to keep lines straight on the organic shape of the egg. If you are a more easy going kind of person with no OCD tendencies, then you will be very happy with how easy this project is.

I got pre blown eggs from my craft store - I didn't have the time, or the energy, to deal with the mess of blowing them myself - and used a couple of different size pens to paint directly on the eggs. I know it could have been nicer if I had taken the time to tape off on the ones where I chose to draw stripes but I took a gung ho approach and just went to town.

 photo DSC_0249b_web.jpg

I decided to keep some eggs white to bring some balance to the display in the glass bowl, which is from Ittala by Alvar Aalto. I think it makes the ones that actually have a pattern stand out more.

I am quite happy with this project. It was very easy to make in about an hour in front of the telly and it looks funky and sleek at the same time. I have an easter decoration that isn't tacky.

 photo DSC_0239b_web.jpg

 photo DSC_0238b_web.jpg

How are you decorating for Easter?

Thursday, 3 January 2013

new years eve 2012

I just wanted to share with you a couple of shots of the table I set for our New Years Eve party.

I recieved a gorgeous set of plates for Christmas and felt it was the perfect occasion to use them as a last homage to winter (personally, I could very easily see myself happy about spring arriving next week). The plates, from IKEA, are glass and have white snowflakes on them so that set the theme - white and snowflakes. With my love for snowflakes it was easy to run with it.

I punched out little snowflakes, strung them on fishing line, and hung them from the ceiling over the table. I also used a tutorial I found online to make two large crystals for each end of the table.

It was all quite pretty, especially once it was dark and all the candles were lit. All that white was like a bright spot in the darkness.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

christmas morning

Christmas is celebrated on  Christmas Eve in Sweden, and the day finally came - even though I did feel like I needed a few more hours of both preparation and sleep - with a sense of anticipation. The presents were wrapped, the table was set, and the food was done. I even managed to get some pretty clothes on!

I take great pride in my wrapping and put in a lot of time and care to make them all match in accordance to a certain theme for each year. This year was kraft with stamped snowflakes (my love for snowflakes is eternal), washi tape, baker's twine, and red satin ribbon.

Many times I draw from the wrapping theme for the table setting. I find this particularly nice as our tree is always placed right by the dining table. This year was no different. I wanted that homespun, traditional look on the table as well.

I went with three thick wreaths along the length of the table and filled the centers with red apples. Those centerpieces smell so lovely!

For each plate setting I made miniature wreaths with a gingham ribbon and a little tag saying "Merry Christmas".  They fit perfectly on the glass plates.

I also used pillar candles, again tied with the gingham ribbon, in simple glass vases, and some large tealights.

My good friend Anneli gave me handmade (by her) three wick candles that I really wanted to use. The only problem was that I had no candle holders - can you believe it - to put them in. That was a total bummer, and it still irks me a little.

It was a quick. easy, and simple dressing of the table that felt perfectly restrained and laid back for a Christmas dinner.

We had a lovely and calm day with good food, a nice visit from Santa, and many wonderful gifts. Also, too many sweets. I will be using photos from the day in digi scrap layouts and Project 52 posts in the coming days.

Until then, take care!

Friday, 14 December 2012

wedding blog feature

Guys, photographs of some details from my sister's wedding this summer is featured at Hostess With The Mostess today! I am majorly chuffed.

Hop on over and check it out, why don't you?
Right here!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

a black and white halloweenish party

The husband is a big fan of having parties on (or around) his birthday. He turned 38 the other day and yesterday we had the parents and siblings over for a nice little dinner party.

I decided early on that it would be fun to do a halloweenish theme. Partly due to a gorgeous picture on Pinterest that had me super jazzed, and partly because I already had a couple of decorations from the rock party that the husband threw for his friends a while ago.

I wanted a halloween kind of theme carried out in a more sophisticated and adult fashion. I wanted black and white. I wanted pumpkins and skulls.

I used sleek black table linen in a checkered pattern with the black and white napkins that were made for my sister's wedding this summer. I used our everyday, but very much loved, white china and altered round and square plates. Red and white wine stemware were also altered to give the guests an option with regards to beverage.

Each place setting had a paper banner with a message alternating three different sentences. A small plastic spider was also placed on each plate.

We had a few children attend as well and they got a set of plastic vampire teeth to have fun with. Of course, even the straws matched the decor.

I used candle holders, picked up at a flea market, spraypainted in a high gloss black with black candles, and pumpkins, spraypainted in a matt black, down the centre of the table and scattered plastic spiders and orange beads around them.

I had four skulls, also spraypainted in a high gloss black and decorated two of them to make them look just a little more scary and moody. I had to do a lot of hacking up and destructing to make this work. The veil was a piece of metal netting that I spraypainted and then cut to size. The flowers were tiny little scrapbook accessories that I stemmed and put together, the "ravens" were a pair of wedding doves that I cut apart and painted black. Hey a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to get it right!

I also created some bottle labels, with parts from The Chillingsworth Manor Kit by Echo Park that I put on some bottles from IKEA. These were a big hit with the guests. The labels said; "Rat poison", "Vampire Blood", "The drink of death", and "Witches' brew". Hee!

I have no pictures what so ever of any of the food, including the super delicious frozen Tiramisu that I made. I was just too busy playing hostess. You will just have to take my word for it when I say it was all fabulous.

I think I am pretty much done with throwing parties now until Christmas and New Years roll around. Better get my rest on, as it's drawing near!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

home edition | chalk

So this post is long overdue. Or rather, the project that the post is about is long overdue. Way back when I got that quote wall decal in our entry, the husband started a project as well; painting a wall with chalk paint. Well, as it turns out following instructions isn't really his strong suit so it all ended up a disaster with big chalk lumps all over the wall. Fast forward about a month and a half, and I finally lost patience in waiting for him to fix it, so I made him get  a board the size of the wall for me to paint.

The board was put up about a week and a half ago, and I am loving it. I have wanted a chalk wall for ages because I hate having little notes and stuff all over the place. I hate forgetting things equally much. So now I am a happy camper, and I think the narrow wall between the entry and the kitchen (actually, it's the side of a kitchen cabinet) looks super smart.

From the entry

From the kitchen

Up close

So far we haven't filled it with stuff. I kind of like the white space (or should I say black).

Sunday, 5 February 2012

wall decor | finally on the wall

Writing this post is making me truly happy. After many trials and tribulations with emails back and forth with the print company, and a lost package at the post office, I was finally able to get the wall decor that I designed based on a Pinterest find and posted about a while ago .

And I am thrilled with the finished result. I love how striking the entry has become compared to what it used to look like. Of course, we spent a weekend painting the house white a few weeks back and that helps too with the crisp feel that white has.

Alright, so this is before

And this is now

Better, no? I am very happy. I was also able to pick up both the lantern and the chevron door mat for practically nothing at a sale on hm.com just before Christmas.

We also started another DIY project yesterday, but the husband messed it up and so that remains a work in progress for a little while longer. I hope I can share soon (as soon as he fixes it, that is, LOL).

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

winter white

On Christmas Eve, the day of celebration in Sweden, we had a very nice and quiet - I don't want to say dinner because we started around noon and finished sometime after 8pm, so let's go with day of food with my family. To match my Christmas decorations, and incidentally also the gifts, I decorated the table with all white on white on white on white. Delicate and crisp and pretty was the way to go this year for me.

White plates from IKEA
Glass plates from local second hand shop

Lace mats from H&M Home
Crocet snowflakes from La Rinascente in Milano, Italy
Wreath from local florist Anna Gouteva
Small wreaths are styrofoam wrapped in white lace
Votives from IKEA wrapped in white lace

Candle holders from IKEA
Glassware from IKEA