Monday, 22 September 2014

cocktail party invitation

We're having a party! The husband and I are both 40 this year, and to celebrate we have invited family and friends to a cocktail party. If you know me, you know I made the invitations to the event.

 photo ITM_jlroos40invitations_1.jpg

The theme is as you can see black and white, with some gold thrown in for good measure. We're shooting for the oxymoron of relaxed sophistication for this thing; cocktails and bite size nibbles, glitter, and jazz music but nothing stuffy whatsoever. I think the combination of the stripes and white space with the fun font conveys that pretty well.

 photo ITM_jlroos40invitations_2.jpg

I hand glittered the ampersand on each invitation. It took a while, but I think it added that little bit extra. I really like how it turned out.

 photo ITM_jlroos40invitations_3.jpg

I also lined the envelopes with stripes to carry on the theme from the top of the invitation and threw in some of that gold confetti before I closed it up. Lining the envelops took me an eternity (I think four episodes of The Wire), but I think it was so worth it.

Now I have about a month to make the decorations for the party!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

shabby chic 40th birthday invitation

A friend of mine is turning 40 next month and she asked me to create the invitations to her birthday party. She was very specific about two things; she wanted pink, and she wanted shabby chic.

 photo ITM-40Birthday-Invitation_I.jpg
 photo ITM-40Birthday-Invitation_II.jpg

With an all script font, a rose pattern background, and some pink dotted flags to set it off, I think it met her description pretty well. To finish it off, I added an intricate doily and a satin ribbon for the guests to slip off and reveal the card. I backed the card with a pink paper in the same texture as the front so the card was really thick and lovely. The card was sent in a pink envelope, of course.

And yes, my birthday is at the very beginning of August. And yes, my name is Linda. But no, I don't turn 40 this year. I really do have a friend with the same name as mine, and with a birthday very close to mine. She is just a year older! LOL!

Saturday, 29 September 2012

invitation | autumn birthday

It's nearing the time for the husband's birthday again and as usual he wanted to arrange a small (ha) dinner party for parents and siblings. We have a cool theme planned, and of course I had to do an invitation to suit.

Despite the fact that I got the date wrong, which is something we didn't even notice until one of the guests asked if we really wanted them to come on a Sunday, I think I really love this invitation. It's fun, it's full of beautiful typography, and it has the very trendy chalkboard look. It's defenitely one of my favourites.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

class | invitations and announcements

Invitations & Announcements Class
(Click on the image to go directly to the class)

Did you know that Jessica Sprague is offering a new design class all devoted to invitations and announcements?

Class starts October 1, 2012 and in class, Jessica will guide you through ten projects over three weeks. As always with Jessica's classes there will be video lessons, as well as step by step tutorials, a downloadable kit, and knowing Jessica, lots more.

If you want to get into making invitations and announcements then I think this is the perfect opportunity! Even though I do that kind of work all the time, I will be there because frankly one can never learn too much or get too much inspiration.

Sign up today, why don't you?

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

homemade wedding

A week and a half ago my beautiful sister and her handsome fiance had an amazing wedding on a gorgeous sunny day.

The reception for the couple's parents and siblings was held in our garden and it was a homemade affair from start to finish. My obsession of making things pretty coupled with the fact that I would do anything for my family meant that I was able to talk them into letting me make the invitations, the table setting, the buffet decorations, the guest book set up, a photo booth of sorts, and baking for the dessert buffet. I also took photographs. Go right ahead and call me crazy! LOL!

I would love to share with you some shots of the details that I made.

So the idea was to do a kind of modern whimsy in kraft, red and black & white, and with stripes and roses in the center of the whole theme.

The invitations were printed on kraft in keeping with the theme. A mistake on my part in the printing process meant that I had to improvise and do a raised strip for the text. It ended up being a unique feature.

For the welcome toast I did hand texted his and hers tags for the champagne flutes.

The guests' glasses were either decorated with paper flags or dipped in chalkboard paint and decorated with the couple's names and love words.

The tables were covered with tan linen, the middle part of the table where the bride and groom were seated, was a beautiful embroidered table cloth. This was matched with all white china, and black and white striped napkins (which the bride and I made). In the ceiling of the pavillion we strung twinkle lights and solar panel lanterns.

Instead of using real flowers I made crepe paper roses that were put in heart shaped boxes all along the table. Those babies were so very pretty but with eight boxes and six roses in each I worked for a month to get those finished and was pretty fed up at the end.

The bride and groom wanted a relaxed feel to the reception and opted to not have a seating plan. Still, I made hand texted banners for the two of them to make sure seats were saved right in the middle of the table where the bride's bouquet was also placed.

The Italian style buffet was placed inside the pavillion and decorated with black and white striped linen, tiny bunting in kraft, red and black & white, and a kraft paper pinwheel flower.

The couple asked for a non traditional cake and we opted for the most delicious chocolate and hazelnut cake with vanilla cream and strawberries. The cake was decorated with mini bunting.

To accompany the cake I also baked Pina Colada cookies, Baci (Italian almond kisses), heartshaped mini meringues, and then also dipped strawberries and marshmallows in chocolate.

Instead of a traditional guest book we set up a small station on the gift table where the guests could write a message on small tags in kraft bags. The messages will be placed in the wedding album once I finish it. To guide the guests through the process I made a sign that matched the invitations and added one of the paper roses as decoration.

To add some more fun we decided to do a photo booth where the guests could let loose and goof out. This was a huge hit and we had so many laughs. The station was set up on our deck right next to the pavillion with a golden picture frame, some fun props, and another sign to guide the guests through.

Here is a shot of the husband and I just to show you some of the silly antics everyone was up to.

If you want to take a look at the beautiful couple, you can do so here.

Be well everyone!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

paper design | latest work sneak

So I have been hinting that I'm crazy busy with wedding prep. I have the honour of helping out with two weddings this summer. The first one is just a week and a half away, and I am super excited because we've worked in lots of beautiful details. I cannot wait to share them all with you!

The other wedding is in August. So far I have only finished the invites out of the stuff I am involved in, but I plan to get busy on the rest as soon as we enter July.

I thought I'd share just a little sneak of the invites for the second wedding. The couple asked for a traditional style, luxurious paper, red, and roses.

The back paper is a deep shimmery red, and the white is thick with a beautiful deep texture. Luscious!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Celebrating the red, white, and blue

I really want to share with you twp projects that the fabulous and amazing CT member Emily Cheney has made with products by In the Making.

She used papers and elements from the Tricolor Kit and I simply adore the outcome.
This is square format invite, which just happens to be my favourite kind. I wouldn't mind one bit to be invited to this party! :)

She also created an layout adorable layout about her boys. Too cute!

Emily also used my It's a Start Templates for both her invite and her layout.

The Tricolor Paper Pack and Elements Pack was released last year but you can still pick it up in my shop at If you get them today you get 35% off! That's a deal too good to pass up, no?

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Rockin' it

A while back my husband asked me to help him with some nice details for a rock themed party he was planning for his friends. And, who am I to say no to party planning?

The first thing to do was of course the invites.

The party itself got a little more glam than I think he had first planned on but it turned out pretty cool nonetheless.

To make it through the whole night it was decided that food was to be served; homemade burgers with potato wedges and coleslaw. This meant we needed to focus on the dinner table.

Instead of real table linens I used a black sheet from IKEA that I grunged up with paint splatter. This was very easy to do. I simply diluted some acrylic paint and used different sized paint brushes and practically threw the paint on the sheet.

The grunge was paired with some glam in the shape of black glossy candle sticks and black candles. We got the holders dirt cheap at local thrift stores and spray painted them with all purpose black paint.

The skulls were bought in a party supplies store and were also spray painted with the same black paint. The finishing touch, and the only splash of colour were the deep red roses placed in low tea light holders.

Each table setting got silver chargers and simple white plates to contrast all the black. Black napkins to match and a paper scroll banner for custom made for each guest with an excerpt from a rock song that fit each person.

The theme was carried through to the bottle buffet with the black sheet and the black candles. The buffet was placed in front of a large mirror wich created a cool effect making the buffet look bigger in the mirrored image.

Even rock dudes need sweets so I added some matching candy in the shape of skulls, bottles, and stars. Don't ask me if licorice actually goes all that well with bourbon whiskey tastewise. It looked good though.

Wine and beer bottles got custom labels in the same motif that was used on the invites and scroll banners on the table. The text on the banner on the wine bottles is a reference to the cheap red wine that Guns n' Roses used to drink while writing songs.

I also designed cards for the music quiz that was put together for the party and it followed the same design as the invites.

I really wish I could have shared photos in a more fitting setting (no glaring sunlight) but seeing as this was a party for guys only, I had to leave the premises well before the guests arrived and the sun set. I secretly wish I could have stayed ... LOL!