Thursday, 21 February 2013

my other true love

I have a confession to make. I have a longstanding love affair with Pinterest that doesn't seem to fade.

Pinterest helps me get through long and boring busrides, waiting for tele conferences to start, and many sleepless nights.

Pinterest keeps my creative juices flowing, my tastebuds rearing to go, and my wishlist (of everything from clothes to photography gear) growing.

I think it's clear, from the image above, that it is true love!

How do you use Pinterest? What do you like to pin, and how do you use your pins?
I am contemplating rearranging my boards but don't know that more boards would actually help me all that much more.
How meticulous are you with your pins? Do you prefer to keep fewer boards with a wider range of pins or the opposite? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

wall decor | finally on the wall

Writing this post is making me truly happy. After many trials and tribulations with emails back and forth with the print company, and a lost package at the post office, I was finally able to get the wall decor that I designed based on a Pinterest find and posted about a while ago .

And I am thrilled with the finished result. I love how striking the entry has become compared to what it used to look like. Of course, we spent a weekend painting the house white a few weeks back and that helps too with the crisp feel that white has.

Alright, so this is before

And this is now

Better, no? I am very happy. I was also able to pick up both the lantern and the chevron door mat for practically nothing at a sale on just before Christmas.

We also started another DIY project yesterday, but the husband messed it up and so that remains a work in progress for a little while longer. I hope I can share soon (as soon as he fixes it, that is, LOL).

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Trying to be geeky

In an effort to be a little more with the times, a little more hip, and hopefully able to play with the cool kids, I recently made a few additions to my blog and my online precense.

First, bloggy stuff; if you are interested in following this blog via email I have made it super easy for you. Just click the second email icon over in the sidebar (the one with the dark square). If you, on the other hand, want to follow via a reader then click the RSS icon right beside the email one. Easy peasy, right?

As you can see, you can also check me out at a various other places! Not only do I have a Facebook page (which I am sure you guys know about by now - and if you don't head on over and like the page, there is a little something for you to say thank you), but I also collect inspiration over at Pinterest (lots of food and graphic design pics pinned at the moment). As of this week I am now also on Twitter. If you have an account, come on over and follow me!

I am working on putting together a small newsletter and hope to have that finished real soon!

I tell you, all this geeky tech stuff, it's not second nature to me. I am cleary the right brain type of gal, LOL! But onwards and upwards right? 2012 will definitely be the year for me to get all this stuff right!