Thursday, 13 September 2012

wedding shoot | magnus & jenny pt 1

My wonderful brother in law and his beautiful wife asked me to document their wedding day on August 25. When being asked something as monumental, I felt honoured and fortunate. But also completely stressed out. After learning the lesson at my sister's wedding, I promply made a (very large) list of must have shots and then I researched as much as I could. Like for days.

The came the wedding day. With hail storms, rain, wind, and an unnatural eye piercing light that seemed to come from everywhere. Also, a white dress on a dirty ground, and a nervous wedding party. The lesson for me this time? I'm not ready for wedding photography. Bride's assistant and problem solver? No problem. Wedding planner? Yes Siree. Photographer? Not really. I couldn't deal with the stress and I feel it shows in my work. The bride and groom are gorgeous, but I wish the photographs were equally stunning. Funny story here; I looked at that huge list of must take shots twice and couldn't read what the words said. Literally, my eyes were flowing over weird combinations of symbols that were impossible for me to dechipher. Stressed much do ya think? Ha!

But anyway, please allow me to humbly share some of them with you. These are all from before the wedding ceremony; from the bride getting ready to the portraits in a local park.

The bride getting ready!

Portraits time!

The groom!

The bride and her sister, the maid of honour

The groom and his brother, the bestman (and my hottie)

The wedding party (and this is where it all started to turn into a disaster, lol)

Like, for reals. This is too hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing at this one.

The boys standing up for the groom


There will be more coming soon, from the ceremony and reception.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

photo book | wedding

I am so excited to share the book I put together for my sister and her husband with photos from their wedding.

I chose to do a very sleek design and I am so happy I did. The photos are the sole focus each page. Of course, I did have to add something, I couldn't leave all the pages bare, and went for some nice diagonal stripes here and there.

The book is ordered and scheduled to arrive in about a week or so. I just cannot wait!

Friday, 13 July 2012

wedding shoot | frida & jocke

Let me just come out and say it. My sister is absolutely stunning. Her husband is totally handsome. I was so not ready for the challenges of being a wedding photographer (that also needed to get home and switch to baker)! Haha!

Please allow me to share with you some photos from my sister's wedding. I took the photos after the wedding in a park in the city of Lund, apart from the first two that were taken just outside of city hall where they were married.

I wasn't prepared for feeling so stressed about hitting every shot. I wasn't prepared for forgetting about 80% of the shots I had planned to take - lesson learned here to write it down and actually bring the list to the shoot. I wasn't prepared for forgetting basic photography rules and techniques. LOL!

A few other lessons learned?
I don't shoot in landscape a whole lot. Need to change it up a bit.
What I thought would be tons and tons of pics turned out not to be. Need to push that button even more.

I 've been spendning the nights this week going crazy with editing. I've done five different edits for each photo only because I can't decide which I like best. Do photographers do that?
For this post I decided to only use two of the five to keep it consistent. We'll see what I do for the couple's album.

But now, back to editing! Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

photography class | studio photography

So last weekend we had an extra session in photography class to dip our toes in studio photography and learn the basics. We showed up bright and early with our cameras ready for some serious clicking. I was nervous about this. I worried about all the gear that I've never used before, about the confined space and with this less opportunity for different ideas, and about directing the models.
There were five of us, plus the two teachers, and I opted to take the backseat and watch the others work for a while before I felt ready for giving it a shot.

Man what an awesome experience it was. My adrenaline was through the roof once I got started and actually felt my hands shaking for a while. When the others had a coffee break I went outside to sit on my own for a while and think about it all. There are so many things to keep in check with staged studio photography that I really haven't come across before. I definitely bow down to those who do this for a living and still produce stellar work.

So I think I got about 60 or so shots. I think five of those ended up being decent shots. Two I really liked. This is hard, people! LOL!

The two shots? Yeah, go on then, here they are!

The husband and I dubbed this the Beyonce shot when we went through the pics on Sunday night. I love her hair and the look in her eyes. They say "Yeah, I'm all that!" to me, LOL! I also like the little detail of the necklace flying.

I like the eye contact in this one, and his dimple is the cutest ever.

I'm looking forward to next class, so that I can see the others' photos and get some feedback from our teachers.