Thursday, 2 January 2014

p52 | finishing up 2013

I am all about finishing up my projects these days. Today it's Project 52.
Like I have said a couple of times before, I never thought I would be able to finish this year. Granted, the pictures this year might not have been as spectacular as the previous couple (four) years, but I have 52 pictures. I did, with very few exceptions, take at least one each week.

So it is with great pride that I post the last six photos of Project 52 for 2013.
 photo P52_2013_47_logo.jpg

 photo P52_2013_48_logo.jpg
 photo P52_2013_49_logo.jpg
 photo P52_2013_50_logo.jpg

 photo P52_2013_51_logo.jpg

 photo P52_2013_52_logo.jpg

Will I do this again this year? Likely not. I am thinking about trying Project 12, with one photo for each month. But then, doing an album with just twelve pages doesn't sound so much fun, does it? I don't know. I will have to mull it over for a few days (or weeks) before I decide what to do.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

p52 | seven weeks of autumn

Dang it, I don't think I've ever missed posting my Project 52 photos for so many weeks in a row! I have struggled to get these done. Mostly because I don't do much. But also because I have lost interest. I said at the beginning already that I would give it a try and keep going until I didn't feel like it anymore. And in all honesty, I don't feel like it anymore. I know that some of these are much less than inspired. I know it. But now that I only have six more weeks to go until the year is finished I know that I just have to keep with it. Just six more photos. It would be stupid to give up now.

 photo P52_2013_40_logo.jpg

 photo P52_2013_41_logo.jpg

 photo P52_2013_42_logo.jpg

 photo P52_2013_43_logo.jpg

 photo P52_2013_44_logo.jpg

 photo P52_2013_45_logo.jpg

 photo P52_2013_46_logo.jpg

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

p52 | just another bunch of photos

Alright, alright, I keep saying I need to be better at posting my Project 52 photos. I keep failing at it. But yeah, at least I'm taking the photos, right?

Here are four weeks' worth!

 photo P52_2013_36_logo.jpg

 photo P52_2013_37_logo.jpg

 photo P52_2013_38.jpg

 photo P52_2013_39_logo.jpg

13 more weeks until the year is done and dusted. 13 more weeks until I have finished my fifth year with Project 52. Wow.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

p52 | end of summer

With our summer holiday coming to an end I wanted a really summery picture to reflect all the stuff we got up to. The husband on the blue trolley was just that. I like all the greens and blues together.

 photo P52_2013_34_logo.jpg
My beautiful, smart, strong, and all around competent mother had a milestone birthday last week and how could I not choose this gorgeous photo of her?

 photo P52_2013_35_logo.jpg

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

p52 | summer continues

I know many of you have started talking about summer being over, especially here in the south of Sweden where the weather has taken a turn for the worse (if you prefer sun to rain, that is). But I'm still on my summer holiday and am enjoying myself very much. We've got a few more things planned for the coming week that I am looking forward to.

On week 32 (the week before last) we took a small road trip to the very most southern tip of Sweden where we walked a bit along the beach, had a stroll by the small harbour, and had a really nice fish burger. I think this photo is quintessentially Swedish summer.

 photo P52_2013_32_logo.jpg

Then, as you have understood by now, we went to London for a couple of days last week. I really like this photo taken at a crossing in West End.

 photo P52_2013_33_logo.jpg

Monday, 5 August 2013

p52 | summer weeks

It that time again folks, another catch up of the weekly Project 52 photos. I don't know why I keep forgetting to post them here!

We're well into the summer and I finally started my time off work. I sorely needed that if I can be brutally honest. I think the photos reflect the summer theme quite well.

 photo P52_2013_28_logo.jpg

 photo P52_2013_29_logo.jpg

 photo P52_2013_30_logo.jpg

 photo P52_2013_31_logo.jpg

The last two are my favourites in this set by a long shot. They both represent magical nights that we were lucky enough to experience in the last two weeks. One in the south east of Sweden, the other in Milano, Italy. The last one did end with about a thousand mosquito bites. In a couple of days, that trouble will all be forgotten, though.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

p52 | halfway point

Well, I made it through yet another six months of Project 52. I never thought I would. I remember at the start of the year, I felt like I was kind of over it and not really rearing to go. But I decided to give it a go anyway, and see how far it took me. Now that I've made it through half of the year I feel like I might as well push onwards and get the next six months done.

I said last time I posted that it was time for something other than plants. Well, out of the four I have to post today, only one is of a flower. Pretty chuffed about that.

We had our nephew on an overnight visit a couple of weeks back. This kid is probably the most happy go lucky person I have ever known. He is happy 99% of the time, and so easy and fun to be around. Truly adorable. In this shot he was very busy checking the husband's lawn mowing action. What a cutie.
 photo P52_2013_24_logo.jpg

Midsummer's Eve was celebrated with family in a traditional style, with dancing around the May pole, good food, and lots of love and laughter. The happiness on the kiddos face in this shot is priceless to me. I hope my mother and sister will forgive the butt shots. :)
 photo P52_2013_25_logo.jpg

I think I could go on forever about the loveliness of our sea of lavender. Every summer when they bloom I feel like all is right in the world. We might not be good gardners but at least we have the most fantastic lavender bushes. I love how the bees and butterflies go completely crazy for our place for a few weeks. This shot was taken last week right before the blooms burst.
 photo P52_2013_26_logo.jpg

I've had a couple of really trying weeks (oh, who am I kidding, it's been months) with learning a new job and I think it's finally starting to take its toll on me. I am so ready for some time off. This past week I had no energy to do anything but the things that I truly had to do. The rest of the time I spent face up, just staring into the sky, trying to clear my mind of all that was buzzing in there. That's why I thought it fitting to get a shot like this in.
 photo P52_2013_27_logo.jpg

In other news, my computer broke this past weekend. I'm currently waiting for a shiny new one to be delivered from Dell. It wasn't at all what I wanted or needed at this Point in time; I kind of had other plans for that Money - like getting lounge furniture and new plants for the garden - but I can't deny that a new computer always is a nice thing once it has arrived and everything has been installed.

This means that I'm currently confined to using my phone for all my online activities. I have a few things to catch up on here, but after that, things might continue to be scarse around these parts for a little while.

Friday, 7 June 2013

p52 | summer beauty

I'm back in the world of the living again after a week of being sick and then a week of trying desperately to catch up at work and at home. It feels great to be back!

I want to kick off with a couple of P52 photos from the past four weeks.
Summer is here and it shows with the abundance of pretty flowers that are everywhere.

A walk along the beach one sunny morning. It was quiet and empty. The wind was blowing in my hair and I just felt so refreshed.
 photo P52_2013_20_logo.jpg

What is happier and brighter than the combination of blue skies and yellow rape fields. It takes my by surprise every year how beautiful it is.
 photo P52_2013_21_logo.jpg

Right after the rape fields have show their glory, it's time for the lilacs to get in the battle. Oh, the smell, oh the vibrance! I love late May/early June when they bloom. Oh, and can you believe this was shot with my iPhone?
 photo P52_2013_22_logo.jpg

I bought some flowers for a work function at the beginning of this week, and they are so gorgeous. Soft, delicate petals of pink beauty. How can you not love it?
 photo P52_2013_23_logo.jpg

I'm thinking that the next coming weeks will need to feature something other than plants, yeah? LOL!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

p52 | brighter and greener

Things have certainly been brighter and greener the last four weeks. I cannot express how much I love spring; the light, the lush greens everywhere, the cherry trees that explode with pretty little blooms, the warmer winds. It's so amazing.

I know you've seen this photo before, in my layouts. But how can it not be a photo of the week?
We were dressed up as clowns so that we could follow along with the boy's favourite clown routine on Youtube.
 photo P52_2013_16_logo.jpg

How is it possible for cherry trees to be so amazingly beautiful? I just think it's sad that it's over in such a short time. They should bloom for a longer period if you ask me. This one is right outside my workplace and I had the chance to snap a few shots one day when I was waiting for the husband to come and pick me up.
 photo P52_2013_17_logo.jpg

Friday nights in the garden, good food on the grill. Can it get any better? This was our first dinner outside (actually sitting outside and eating it) of the year. It was also the first time we tried Seabream. It was quite lovely.
 photo P52_2013_18_logo.jpg

Our rhubarb is alread giving us lots of delicious fruit. Today we also noticed this odd bloom in the center. I haven't ever seen that before and felt it needed documenting.
 photo P52_2013_19_logo.jpg

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

p52 | portraits

I keep falling off the posting wagon lately. I did so well, with posting five times a week, in January and February. Then the computer died in March, and I struggled for a while. Now that April has rolled around, I am completely swamped at work which means working late a lot. Most days I don't get home until 6.30 or 7pm. After dinner and everyday life stuff I have little energy or time left to actually do more than browse Facebook and Pinterest on my phone. So I ask you to please bear with me while I try to just survive for a couple of weeks.

But I do have two weeks' worth of Project 52 photos to share with you.
If you have been following along with my layout postings, you have seen both of these already.

First off, the boy. I like his expression in this photo. I also like the situation in which the photo was shot. It's a good memory.

 photo P52_2013_14_logo.jpg

Then, believe it or not, it's a photo of me! I figure I need to include at least one each year. So let's go with this one then. Ha!
 photo P52_2013_15_logo.jpg

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

p52 | sweets

So with Easter being the big thing happening last week, I thought it fitting that the object of the photo was something related to it. Sweets! These are our favourites, from Anthon Berg.

 photo P52_2013_13_logo.jpg

And yes, I did bring out my big girl camera for this one! Hee!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

p52 | catching up

Has it really been five weeks since I posted a P52 photo last?

Wow, time does fly by! I have to be honest and say that I haven't really felt up to photographing as of late. I stopped keeping my dSLR in the handbag. It was heavy and I I felt I didn't use it anyway. It has not been positive on my photography that's for sure. However, it has meant that my phone has been working overtime.

Naturally, the quality is not the same. The resolution is not up to par of course, and well, frankly neither is anything else. But I feel like the trade off is acceptable at the moment. I will still try to make an effort to getting back to photographing.

So, I have five weeks' worth of P52 photos to share with you. All but the last one were taken with my iPhone.

 photo P52_2013_08_logo.jpg

I love tulips. Love. Especially white ones. I think they are elegant but yet bold at the same time.

 photo P52_2013_09_logo.jpg

A slow week. I resorted to taking a shot of the stones in our front yard.

 photo P52_2013_10_logo.jpg

I like the lines and the play between light and shadows in this photo. It's on the platform in our underground. I had just missed my train (the tail lights can be seen right at the end of the photo) when I shot this.

 photo P52_2013_11_logo.jpg

In between snowstorms and dull greyness we've also been privilige to some pretty spectacular dusks. This one was shot from our driveway. Quite lovely I think.

 photo P52_2013_12_logo.jpg

Getting ready for the Easter holiday with some pretty decorations.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

p52 | frost

On Wednesday morning, while walking to the bus to take me to work, I had to stop and take some pictures. Everything was covered in frosty spikes and it was quite pretty.

It was one of those weird weather moments where it's cold, but at the same time foggy and damp. I am always a little intrigued when that happens.¨

Look at those spikes on that bike! Isn't it amazing?

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

p52 | icy bokeh

Winter still has us in a firm grip. Mostly it's a hassle but then there are beautiful moments where everything is still and quiet and glistening. I was able to catch one of those moments last week. The sun was out, there was beautiful frost on everything in our garden. I grabbed the camera and ran out. Good thing I did because ten minutes later the sun was gone, and it was snowing again. But at least I have a beautiful photo!

I used a Bokeh texture by Liv.e Designs which is coming to her shop on Friday. I will post more about it then!