Sunday, 30 December 2007

Celebrating a marriage

A card and a "check book" to celebrate the anniversary of a fabulous couple. I made a monogram of their surname initial and used it on both the card and the book. To keep a coordinated look I used white and blues throughout. The double use of ribbon added just that extra sparkle and luxury to the finished product.





Shiny and new

The new camera is turning out to be a wondrous thing. It takes beautiful pictures that have lots of sharpness and clarity. I am loving how easy it is to figure things out in the menu and how fast I can change settings like ISO and white balance.

I think I am in love!


Friday, 28 December 2007

Easy on the tinsel there pal

So with the inclination I have of getting obsessed with the things I try out one could expect an overload on holiday themed scrap LOs this year. Let's just say those that did ended up being quite right.

I am using the excuse of the old Swedish Christmas song that Christmas does indeed last until Easter to take this opportunity and post some of them. I have to say that I've had some of my proudest moments as a digi scrapper making these.

(Credits: Template: Adchallenge 120907 by Katie Pertiet Paper: The New Black 1 by Katie Pertiet Element: Bird from webchallenge 120907 by Mindy Terasawa Font: Century Gothic Photo: Linda Roos)

(Credits: Papers: "WebPapers 102107-3", "FairyDreamer-8", "VintageText", "SandedOverlay" (recoloured) all by Katie Pertiet Font: DearJoe4 Photo: Linda Roos)

(Credits: Papers: Merry Days 12th by Jen Wilson Frame: Katie Pertiet Font: Dirty English Photo: Linda Roos)

Out for publishing, please check back soon!
(Credits: Template: Colleen Brady Papers: Jen Wilson "Merry Days 12th" Frame: P Springman Sweet Shoope Designes "Carnival" Word art: Barbara Lemay Herald Designs " Brush: Meldir "Snowflakes" Fonts: Century Gothic, Carpenter Photo: Linda Roos)

I hope that this holiday season has treated you well and you are finding yourself rested and ready for new challenges in the coming year!

And with that I'm off to read the instruction booklet (read: bible) of our new Nikon D80. I'm such a lucky girl.

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Why In the Making?

Being famous for my wit and mad language skillz I had to live up to the rep and find a cool name for my dreamed of future paper design biz in 2002 when I started getting requests for wedding invitations and greeting cards. I think I sprained a brain muscle in the process but still only managed to come up with cheesy little excuses for a name. In the end I decided on In the Making and kind of liked it. I even made a logo!

Even though it's been five years and I still haven't made an everlasting impression on the design world the name somehow stuck and I figured it would at least be good enough for a blog. So In the Making it is.

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Take off

So here it is! A new beginning. I have been feeling the need for a while now to have a place where I can compile all my creative work; photography, paper craft, digi scrap, interior decorating or whatever it may be. I am hoping this blog will be the perfect place for that.

The format is yet to be set obviously but I welcome old and new friends to share my love for all things pretty.